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Any web designer will tell you that whilst their clients are happy to spent any amount of time tweaking colours etc. they will pay almost no attention to getting the words right. This partly because design is sexier, partly because the bulk of the design work is done for them by the designer and partly because writing content for the site is hard.The text needs input from the business owner as the web designers job is to design a site that gets noticed and the site designer wont know the business concerned in any depth.

Mackay Web Design cannot stress enough how important it is to get the words right, it wont matter if the site design looks great, badly written content will hurt in terms if potential clients clicking the back button and search engine optimisation. Google is ranking pages on well written and relevant content plagiarised or copied content will not help the search engine optimisation (SEO) Google brand such text as ‘Thin” or “Boilerplate” and will penalise the site that this is found on by lowering rankings

We understand the pressures and time constraints on a small business owner. It can be difficult to find the time to put all the great stuff you do and products you offer into words that do justice to what your business does. So Mackay Web Design can work with you using your input to create fantastic professionally written text for your website.One of the biggest issues with content we at Mackay Web Design come across is content written not for the client but for the themselves.Text must invite the potential client to use their goods and services, your audience isn’t interested in you but in the products you offer.Understanding therefore your customer’s needs is paramount in writing good readable copy to the web site.

Don’t let this vital task be delegated, it’s your business, so you do it. We need your input here to insure your website from Mackay Web design gets the results you deserve. You cannot expect your employees to have such in depth understanding, passion and enthusiasm of the business as you the owner. The quality of the words can be the difference between a very successful site and one that doesn’t attract the correct amount of clients



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