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To write or not to write….. text

Mackay Web Design, like many other web design businesses have major issues in getting the customer to write copy for their own web sites and this can affect the success in search engine terms for the sites rankings

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a phrase everybody knows but few understand, at its base level it’s very simple.

The search engine “spiders” that trawl the internet looking for sites are looking for good copy, well written and relevant to the businesses site….

Of course there are many other areas we at Mackay Web Design know really helps with SEO such as social media inclusion, key words, blogging and many others but badly written or worse copied text from another site really hobbles your pages

Copy writing is one of the hardest and most critical jobs in putting together your web presence and so many business owners who do do it are writing from the perspective of the company rather than from the customers view point.

The average customer doesn’t want lots of words, bullet points are great with minimal explanations and please stay off the subject of how amazing the business owner is!

So how do you go about getting this important task done?

Herewith Designs tips for producing good quality copy for web design Mackay.

  • Understand your clients needs and write directly for them. Learn as much about them as you can about what they will want from your site
  • Keep it simple, use headlines for each product or service you want to promote in the order of importance to your business
  • Use high quality images and ensure they have titles relevant to your company and products or services
  • Always include keywords
  • Understand the age dynamic of your target audience

To sum up, Google rewards relevance, the more relevant it believes your web pages to be the better you will rank and the cheaper any Ad Words advertising will be.

Ask us at Mackay Web Design for help and advice on this vital task, we offer a text writing service as well as applying our very successful SEO techniques to all our creations

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