Updating your website content

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The importance of updating your website content

In today’s digital world, a website is an unequivocal ‘must have’ for any business. But it’s not enough to simply launch a site, and leave it at that. Like plants, thriving websites demand ample TLC. And as far as search engines like Google are concerned, fresh content and regular updates are the best fertilisers to grown your business online.

So why is it so important to stay fresh? Here’s five reasons why regularly updating your website content should be at the top of your priority list…


Score frequent Indexing

As aforementioned, search engines go wild for new content. It will attract more interest from search engine crawlers. This maximises your site’s chances at achieving higher rankings, and more traffic. Basically, search engines deploy sophisticated programmes (aka ‘Googlebots’) to crawl the web for relevant results. These crawlers ‘index’ sites based on a host of algorithmic factors, including incoming links, applicable keywords and – you guessed it – how often the site is updated. Every time fresh content goes live, search engine bots hone in on changes and re-rank the site accordingly. So if you want to climb the indexing ladder, hitting ‘publish’ on new content is always a good bet.


Engage browsers

If your site is stagnant and stale, browsers will have no incentive to keep returning. In comparison, sites that are continually refreshing their content offer visitors new experiences every time they check in. Plus, regularly publishing fresh content will position your website as an up-to-the-minute source on whatever niche vertical you’re climbing.


More content = more keywords

Don’t get us wrong, ‘black hat’ keyword stuffing is not on the agenda. That said, updating content does present new opportunities for organically incorporating keywords and phrases. Search engine indexing and rankings rely heavily on keywords, which means that new blogs, articles, web content, tags and even meta data can be used to optimise your website’s presence. Keep in mind, quality is key. Yes, it’s effective to update frequently. But letting standards slip by stuffing sites with low quality articles and out of content keywords will only win you penalties. Remember, Google’s always smarter than you think!

For expert advice on how to pepper content with keywords that fly under the radar of visitors yet get Google all hot under the collar, online marketing with Mackay Web Design empowers businesses with bespoke SEO solutions, backed with bigtime ROI.


Stay on-trend

As well as textual content, aesthetics also play an all important role when it comes to staying fresh. Web design trends are fluid and free flowing, with a constant influx of new concepts, techniques and technologies. For websites that want to inspire and excite their visitors, exploring new ways to visually thrill is a must. Fronted by an in-house team of digital architects, web design Mackay exists to help businesses build sites that buzz.

The bottom line? Stay fresh. Stay relevant. Stay searchable.

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