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What is a responsive web site and how does this affect your online presence?

Mackay Web Design are always being asked this question and the simple answer is that search engines (Google) are looking for sites that work across all potential platforms that clients use to access the web in the form of tablets and smart phones

How do you know wether your current site is responsive?

This blog is appearing on a responsive web site so try pulling the edges of the site together to make it thinner and you will see the text and images rearrange themselves so the site is still readable.

Why should you ensure the site is able to be read on mobile devices?

It is predicted that internet users on mobile devices will overtake desktop users few years, and from the figures we see on our web site analysis  this is fast becoming the case

Mackay Web Design has a major client who’s analytics tell them that over 60% of their potential clients are accessing their site via mobiles, the problem is that their current site isn’t responsive!

Potential clients are far more likely to stay and view a responsive web site rather than one which is difficult to view on a tablet or phone so turning away many potential clients

Some more facts from the same source 

  • 65% of users want websites on mobiles be as easy to use as on a desktop, and a vast majority of us won’t leave home without our smartphone
  • Over 50% of users use their mobile device to find local restaurants and bars for example
  • After looking at a local information on a smartphone, over half of those users take actions such as calling, visiting, or purchasing from that business. 26% go on to purchase something in-store.

Smart phones and tablets are easy to use and can be accessed on the go, looking up goods and services when close to the business or venue therefore influencing their buying decisions on the spot

Lastly but by no means least is how the search engines view responsive vs non responsive site when it comes to rankings 

Google wants all of us to use responsive designed web sites and may penalise those who don’t have this done, therefore lowering the rankings of your existing site

Using the same URL and content across all devices helps Google index and weight your site. 

Mackay Web Design can produce a complete mobile friendly site from the ground up using your existing text and photos, we’ve done it for many successful businesses in Mackay so speak to us today and find out how easy it is for us to rebuild your site as a mobile, desktop and tablet friendly marketing tool.

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