New Web Design Agency In Mackay!

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Are you looking for the best web design in Mackay QLD, if not the southern hemisphere? Photography skills that would make David Bailey drool? A team that doesn’t think SEO is a seventies’ rock group?

Well, look no further!

Mackay Web Design is a brand new web design and photography agency based right here in Mackay QLD. With a combined total of 20 years’ experience, our talented and enthusiastic team of functioning alcoholics have the skills and imagination necessary to turn your napkin drawings into reality.

What do we offer?

As the newest and best web design and photography agency in Mackay QLD, we offer the following services:

Web design


Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Logo and graphic design


We offer everything you need to get your business or personal project off the ground – to get your web presence established or revived; to get your brand created and unleashed; to get your online store up and running; to have your content actually show up in Google; and much more besides.

You name it, we can do it. We basically offer everything but refunds!

Web design

Websites are such a crucial part of any venture. Having a sleek, professional site that your customers or clients can easily find (and easily navigate) can mean the difference between success and failure. Yet many venturers opt for the cheap, amateur option instead of seeking out the best – unaware of how much they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

Mackay Web Design can build you a professional, attention-grabbing website for not a lot of money. Our gifted and vastly underpaid staff are fluent in HTML, CSS3 and all of the other languages that help create a flawless experience for your visitor. We create sites that look good on PCs, tablets and phones, so your site will make an impact regardless of how your visitor arrives.


Opening your own online store is one of the most empowering and financially rewarding decisions you can make – but the process can seem daunting.

It doesn’t have to. Here at Mackay Web Design, we can create the perfect online marketplace for your business, no matter what you’re selling. We can also guide you through the steps required to run a successful store – from keeping your inventory updated to accepting the widest range of payment types.

Whether you’re selling socks or gold bullion, we can help your e-commerce business thrive.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you share your name with a famous person and type that name into Google, you’ve probably noticed the celebrity shows up first. There’s a reason for that: search engines have a complex set of rules they apply when indexing the web to ensure the most relevant results show up on the first few pages of any search.

SEO is the process by which a talented team of people who understand these rules – [coughs] – makes sure the content on your website takes full advantage. The end result? Higher search engine rankings, more visits to your site and improved brand impact and awareness. It sounds simple – but it’s very effective.

Logo and graphic design

In our competitive world, the right logo can help your business or venture stand out from the crowd. The wrong one, though? At best, you’ll come across as bland and forgettable. At worst, you’ll end up on some kind of list somewhere – your business long since bankrupt and access to your kids restricted to weekends.

Here at Mackay Web Design, we can design a logo for your venture that customers will remember for all of the right reasons. A face, if you will, for people to recall. Whatever your logo or graphic design needs, we have the solution for you.


If you want to capture your business with a professional and stylish photo album, or just want someone to follow your ex around on a Friday night, we have a service to suit.

We believe our award-winning photography services are the best in Mackay QLD. Please check out our sample portfolio or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Call to action

So, that’s us – Mackay Web Design, the newest and we believe the best web design and photography agency in Mackay QLD.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our services.

Now, it’s over to you. Why not give us a call or send us a message today to see how we can help your venture, your business or your brand flourish.

We look forward to working with you.

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